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Crossplay - TF TG Caption :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 52 5
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Vow of Silence by SuperCena12
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Vow of Silence :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 15 5
Bimbocist by SuperCena12
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Edification by SuperCena12
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Final Trick 3 by SuperCena12
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Final Trick 2 by SuperCena12
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Final Trick 2 :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 22 1
Final Trick by SuperCena12
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Final Trick :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 39 4
Robotization with latex. And love by SuperCena12
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Robotization with latex. And love :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 11 2
Disguise of Memory by SuperCena12
Mature content
Disguise of Memory :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 71 6
Mature content
Mist(e)ress of Ring pt.3 :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 6 0
Career is over
Everything good comes to an end sooner or later. The career of the Dead man was the most intense and incredible. Hair stood up on end with a bell ringing, panic ripped from the inside at only one appearance from afar. 33 years. 23-0. Your story will be retold time after time, some will replace others, but there is only one The Undertaker. All your enemies were buried, 23 souls. 
If your spirit is resting on WrestleMania, then the WWE should leave it and not disturb it. But if this happens, then the most terrible force will break out into the light. Even another guise it will not stop.
Roman Reigns, you just slashed the shell. But the fact that it will not be broken by you or anyone else, as long as they remember it. You're just a pawn in the hands of Vince. REST IN PEACE
:iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 2 0
Mist(e)ress of Ring pt.2
While Jessica (as inventing new names for Joe) was asleep, incredible metamorphosis took place with his body. (S)He turned into a succulent blonde, then a sexy brunette, and even a mulatto. He(r) thoughts intertwined with emotions, and they did not find their place. Maybe he's having a harem? I can not even say. In any case, the night could not last long, and I had to get up. The morning began with a cup of hot coffee, which was brought to him by experimental neighbors. I even had to remove the ring for this, and Joe was extremely hard and unpleasantly in his body, which is not surprising. After all, you too would be easier in a slender and sexy body than in the body of a loser, who only lacks glasses with a very thick frame. And coffee, meanwhile, was shit, so J(o)ess poured it into the toilet. There were no normal programs on TV, and as luck would have it, the weather left much to be desired. Rain and hail drummed on the glass, and our "25-year-old girl" was sad.
"Why are all conditi
:iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 8 0
Mature content
Mist(e)ress of Ring :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 9 6
Mature content
House-museum of latex wax figures :iconsupercena12:SuperCena12 4 2


Liquid Mercury 3 Pg 4 by ibenz009
Mature content
Liquid Mercury 3 Pg 4 :iconibenz009:ibenz009 244 73
Valri gets the message by immortaltom
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Valri gets the message :iconimmortaltom:immortaltom 135 3
X-23 by Artfulcurves
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X-23 :iconartfulcurves:Artfulcurves 70 6
Black Widow by Artfulcurves Black Widow :iconartfulcurves:Artfulcurves 72 13 Darkside Metamorphosis by Onna-Tokomei
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Darkside Metamorphosis :icononna-tokomei:Onna-Tokomei 332 47
Commission-Shapeshifter by Onna-Tokomei
Mature content
Commission-Shapeshifter :icononna-tokomei:Onna-Tokomei 346 34
New Job
Luck was never really something I had. I didn’t have much, just a small apartment and a mountain of bills that got taller each day. I had just lost my job too, it’s kind of hard to pay bills when you don’t have an income, so I began to search the internet for whatever I could find. I had been searching for days and couldn’t find anything until I came across an add that looked to strange not to pay attention to.
The add was from some millionaire name Richard Johnson, he was looking for someone to interview, just interview, anyone who took him up on that would instantly receive $1000. It was an interview, for what I had no idea, but I needed the money, so naturally I agreed. I contacted him immediately and set up an interview for the next day.
When I got to the address where I was meeting Richard, I was blown away by the fact that it was at an enormous mansion. I walked to the front door and rang the bell, I was greeted by Richard himself, a large muscle bound man
:iconwatcherinthewings28:watcherinthewings28 33 1
Harley Quinn by Artfulcurves
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Harley Quinn :iconartfulcurves:Artfulcurves 40 0
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Tom remolded into a Samus Aran statue by Vytz Tom remolded into a Samus Aran statue :iconvytz:Vytz 314 15 The Case of the Widow by CaptianHarlock
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The Case of the Widow :iconcaptianharlock:CaptianHarlock 97 15
A nightmare by SkyspearDW
Mature content
A nightmare :iconskyspeardw:SkyspearDW 62 6


"Hello. I am Mimino, and I go to another creepy place! "- So always told Miranda from his regular, already 60 blog account. Her love, her channel reached record highs ratio thumbs up and thumbs down (4500 to 20), which was not surprising because when people look at her face, then they forgot about all their concerns. Red, closer to the red hair, subtle black eyes, thin wavy eyebrows, nose without hump, with small, hidden hair, ears and large lips. Figure created the impression that the girl involved in sports, with 4 times a week. The channel was dedicated for the most part these studies, and in a playlist called "On places terrible glory" she had traveled to the abandoned mental hospitals, prisons, military bunkers, which told her father. In just a few hours before the shooting, Miranda learned about all forgotten pinkish building, and decided to check out what's there. Independently. Behind her observation established not so long ago, and this time the Boss had more personal reasons.

- She's still regret it, - said the Owner.

- Want another sexmachine? I, in your opinion, am outdated? -  asked EDI. She had just been transformed from a state sex machine, she looked like a real Mistress (all in black, including a person without any whatsoever, slits purple dress that covered only her legs, and it was a great cut-out opening it long legs in high heels)

- No. I did not create you for this. You start to my beloved, and then later an assistant, and only then sexrobot. I want a real toy for us. By the way, you did not have problems with them?

- They always obey me. True Jean tried to spend a coup and overthrow you, but you know about it. She now spends time in the capsule resting, not for rework.

- Do you think that she stays? - The host asked, lighting a cigarette for 6 per day.

- For 1 month, yes. She replied. - And the blogger what you want in your collection?

- Do not what, and why. Latex toy that can do everything you want is to think only of you, if you want to, no food and water. I do not require substitutes, like those two, or energy, such as you. Doll. And you know, I love to take someone else's body, and adapt them to your needs, - he said. All that he spoke with a calm tone, never raising his voice. - Our research capacity is growing, and the experiment will be very important. I'll capture of the victim himself.


"Today we set off for the first time at an abandoned warehouse!" - Miranda said. She was wearing a silver thin jacket, sports shoes, T-shirt and gray skinny jeans that are snug her long legs. "This place is legendary and frightening myths!" - She repeated. "It is strange that it is located in the center of town, and nobody thinks about his demolition. However, I live not far from it (that's really a coincidence - she said quickly.), and I heard screams suspicious. Well. Already we arrived. Let's open the door. «She went inside the building and has a longer say, "Well. We are here, "as it came up behind someone and saying," Welcome to the family ", hit her with his fist. She fell unconscious. The camera fell to the floor, and her screen was cracked. The owner took off her clothes very quickly, literally tearing it with their hands, and muttering: "Soon you will disappear, as well as all those with whom you had known." His manner of speech remained unchanged.

- I prepare the installation? - EDI asked through the radio.

- Yes. In the meantime, I'll put on her dress to combine. If she wakes up, you will be surprised to who I became - he said.

- What did you mean when you said about the family?

- I have no one but you and the company, no longer exists. - In his reply was not some sort of regret or joy, although it is difficult to judge through the radio.


It took several hours. Miranda awoke. She scanned the room around him. Everything was black metallic color, and the only window leading outside was closed grids, although she would not have gone out of their asses. The owner was standing near the table, and something set up. She had no clothes except beige, close to the chocolate-black, latex costume and rubber mask hanging in the chest. She had no facial features, except for the black mouth and bright red lips. The Owner noticed her waking up and turned to face her. He was simply a purple suit, and his face was covered with a scar on his right eye to the edge of the lips on the left side. One eye was white, but the owner closed him visor, his black hair was long and covered his shoulders, and lips were small and thin. She was really surprised:

- William..... It's you..... Why.... Why ... I have nothing bad you did not??? -Said through tears Miranda. She was scared for her life, and she did not think that this will lead to the filming.

- You cannot do anything wrong, but you have to give orders, he commanded. I loved you, and you mixed me with mud and all because I was beaten in the family, and my face was covered with bruises covering my face, because I looked like an eggplant! - He shouted. It was the first time he showed emotion. - You humiliated me, you destroyed me. A scar ... .yes. Your friends have tried, but I did not break! There was also the one who loves me. Do you remember Cathy? Remember how you drowned her? Do You Remember? - After that, he stopped and took the mask, pulled on her face so that it was impossible to remove. He received a lot of fun from it. Everything was closed. It is, as the whole costume was covered from the inside with adhesive, which cannot be dissolved, except the ears. They need the free later. Because of the associated hand, Miranda could not do anything; his feet were too constricted with ropes and out of the mouth, after dressing mask, nothing but grunts could not proceed. Rubber, and shaped like a cock, plug it shut, reaching almost to the throat. He went on to say:

- That's it. My rubber doll. I hope you can hear me. Let's go back to my story, because you are very interesting - he heard nothing in response.


- Mphf. Mmmm.

After installing the plug mask is nothing but grunts could not publish. This light and deforms tube, such as speech defects.

- A. You're cannot talk! As I forgot.  So . I endured everything, but the burning of my house I have.... How can I put it.....? Break me. I have come to each, and cut out a butterfly in their throat. If not for this building, I would have gone to prison. What I invented here, located in the basement..... It brought me to a new level, and I have tried to maintain that reputation. To do this, i change my nose; grow hair, and a small part of what I had to go. I avenged not only those who have made, and to those who requested them to do so. Susan is now EDI, my assistant, Alex and Gloria - Emma and Jean, and now you. The usual toy property of William Hurt or The Owner.

EDI, - he said through the radio (walkie-talkie). - Installation is ready?

- Yes.

- You let down employees to go home?

- They work shifts ended at 8:00 pm, - answered in the affirmative.

- Well. Turn on it. I do give to our guest.

- Mprhf! - Mumbled louder than last time. She hoped that William changed his mind, and let her go, but he obviously did not want it. Now her fate was sealed, and the owner, meanwhile, transplanted it into a wheelchair, and began to carry her to the right place. Miranda resisted, and then Owner stunned stuns her, lying in the pocket of his jacket. He rolled it like it used to be rolled after temporary paralysis. The whole world was in his hands. People who love latex were more and more. The owner knew this and was already planning how to use it. Now, however, he thought about what will happen next: another failed experiment, which will have to be stored in a basement or living rubber doll. The stakes were high, but William was still fail. He avenged. Miranda was his bitch, which he will only need to improve or lose in one of the numerous cellars of this city, which can be accessed through the tunnels, dating back from the zero floors. In any case, this could be a long time to think, because the "stock" was quite large, but the owner of 5 years of work here knows him as his five fingers. He came to the room, which was just on the ground floor for your convenience. EDI was already there. Hurt asked her to open the door, which she did. Inside the room was a black latex cocoon with a lot of stitches in the legs, which connected them to each other in the chest area have sensors that increase the size and hardness, a person is a lot of straps, not giving the raise or lower the head, near the cocoon hanging on a rope spider cork which is inserted into the mouth, even if it was part of the mask, not the human mouth (it was the most difficult in the implementation). It opens everything in the body from the vagina and to the breasts, rather their middle. Also present armbinder that do not allow you to move your hands. All this did not make clear the slots, as this cocoon was the camera for sexual torture, which were carried out using a vibrating plugs, part of the vagina and ass, as well as spider cap, under which was the same as a member of the tube. They, of course, remained, but they were given the opportunity to open up at the touch of a button on the control panel. Do not let fall the whole complex of constructions of tubes that connect to the tank located on the cocoon centimeters by 30. They are fed a liquid whose purpose is only known scientists who have developed its own formula and owner.

"Time to play the game!" - He thought, and untied his hands and feet, let Miranda. William took it on his shoulders, and, having carried into the room, opened the latex cocoon flick buckles down. Hurt "put in" Woman in the design and tube sticking out of the middle up, walked into it. To everything was more than successful with the registration, he did everything carefully and so that the victim does not wake up to a certain point. Next in the ass came another tube, and thus blogger was inside the suit. Her legs climbed into their holes with no problems, and were automatically clamped. It was prepared for the procedure by 50 percent. Further, the latex arms and turned the body. Everything was prepared in size, so there is no difficulty. Monitoring established not so long ago, but the size of clothes for this period of time is quite easy to install. To thrust his hands in armbinder was even better than the body, because Miranda was sleeping. Everything was buttoned on his face was wearing a collar-binder, holding his head in an upright position only. Mask joined with a hood, which was held on the straps. Further, all the slots in the facial area were closed by lightning and the plug is inserted into the mouth, as if facehugger attacked another victim. The boss was pleased with the work done, but it has only just begun. It must be something else to calibrate the cocoon. Miranda was in captivity from which it is impossible to get out. Even if it were, by some miracle could break the cocoon (although it would not have happened due to the fact that her hands were inflated gel and looked like bowling balls), then remove the costume or mask she could not. Everything was a foregone conclusion. She is inside a shiny black rubber, and nothing to do is not turn. Wait. All that remains is to wait this. 


It's over. Calibrators that hung on their breasts and twisted the belly with a corset were removed. Before the gaze of the Master appeared a black cocoon, fitting the body to the smallest wrinkles on the body. Everything that William Hurt planned for so long was completed. He went to the control panel, and pressing two buttons of 20 small buttons, turned on the machine. Suddenly she woke up, which was not surprising. She tried to scream, she tried to ask me to stop. He was adamant. Her groans, her sobs, all this caused a smile on her face. Miranda wanted to scream in pain, but she did not have a mouth. The cork gave the mouth the right shape, vibrated and did not even allow you to move your tongue. He laughed. The dream of his whole life was realized. It turned into a rubber doll.

Suddenly, the vibrations are over. Miranda thought that it was over and he would let her go. She would not even report to the police for this, but no. William did not even think about letting her go. Suddenly the plugs' heads opened, and Miranda tasted a unique cocktail of transgenic juices and drugs that were specially prepared for our guest. All that was stored in the tanks, began to enter the mouth, pussy and ass. And while the liquid flowed, he said:
- Drink! Drink! Do not you want to? So I'll make you. EDI, give more! - it seems that he is going crazy.
That's all she heard for the last time before the transformation. Then there was an indistinct mumbling mixed with screams, laughter, whisper and sips. According monitorchika became clear that brain activity was focused on one thing ...... gifting pleasure.
- Let it out!- scream Hurt.
"You're sure it's worth it? We have not experienced these mixtures yet, and it can become another biomass, which you already managed to "produce"! - said EDI. On her faceplate was an expression very similar to anxiety. She, of course, thought out what to do if he went insane. The power-gun was ready.
- OOOOO, YES! - I'm not even sure that he is normal.
She had no choice but to obey. Pulling the lever at himself, he pressed the 3 buttons at the panel. "Cocoon" opened.


From there came an unknown creature, which no longer looked like a human being.
There were no features on the face, except for the big mouth. The hands were connected and made the body look like a shell, like a unhatched butterfly, and the waist was so narrow that the hourglass would have envied.
The legs, like and the big tail, were green, but the thin liquid layer of latex covered the hips and, almost, knees. The shiny black doll was happy, and did not remember anything about her life.
-Yessssssssss,- The Owner was extremely pleased with what had happened. The smile began to expand, and his face looked like a clown of comics. Very evil clown
- Come and play with me, play with me, PLAY WITH ME!- said in different puppet voices, Miranda, if you can call her so.
- I'll play. But not now. I am sick. Soon my brain cells will start to degrade. The helmet, which I used to form the personality of the EDI, just ate my head. I would not be prudent if I did not come up with a plan for salvation. My consciousness was transferred to an ideal body, and to turn it on I need only ask my assistant, my friend. In the meantime, I'll go to my office.


He entered his office. Everything was minimalistic. In addition to the table, the chair behind him, black closet, and the white sofa were nothing. The owner sat down at the table, opened one of the shelves, and lit a cigarette case. The cough was strong, but he continued. Stretched pleasure. There was a knock at the door.
- Come in, EDI. Do you have it?
- You're pleased with the fact that you created yourself another toy ? - she asked, without even going to the end of the room.
- You can not compare with them. My best creation, you are very similar to the girl of my dreams.
- I'm already your girlfriend.
- Not yet. But soon you will.
She gave him the Colt Anaconda, and he put it to his temple. Shot. A broken head on the table. EDI took the black disk. There were only two words written in the red marker: "My personality"
- I'll be in charge of everything. Rest.In.Peace.-"sighing" with relief and joy. She threw the disc in the hole under the cupboard, took the key from William's office from the third and last shelf, and, having left there, and closed the door. The key was thrown out (where? I do not know) After that, EDI, with very little effort, broke the door to another closed cabinet. The light switch in it was under the table. And when she only pressed the button, it began to shine with neon colors (mostly orange and blue). Everything was equipped for comfort and work (it would seem, why the robot needs comfort). After turning on the computer, the EDI began to monitor all rooms and corridors. Noticing the only employee, she asked him a question through the loudspeaker:

"Marty, did you stay for overtime?"

To say that he was surprised, then nothing to say, but behind the glasses with a thick frame it was not noticeable.

"Now it's not important, now your task is to go to the room under the number of LK4TD and open it. Once you open, you will receive new instructions"

No sooner said than done. But he did not know that he was waiting for a doll who wants to play and she does not care who. Cries were heard, but not from fear. From the enjoyment of pleasure. EDI liked it.
There is only one question left: Who am I and how do I know all this?
As a narrator, I may not be good, but I know all about who you are and what is going on around you. Find me ..... I'm closer than you think.


Doctor Thuganomics
Artist | Student | Literature
Writer. That's all


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